Q & A

Do you use fresh flowers?
Yes, we do. Our high-quality flowers come directly from farms located in the Netherlands, Columbia, and Ecuador. We work with the most reliable and trustworthy suppliers to avoid the slightest risk of getting low-quality flowers. For this reason, all our flowers are 100% fresh and will keep their initial look for a long time.
Do you offer only roses?
No, we don’t! Our bouquets may consist of different flowers depending on your taste and preferences. Our florists use different styles, colors, and plants in accordance with a specific occasion. We offer a wide assortment of different flower arrangements with a European touch. However, you should contact us to check their availability in advance.
How do you create your bouquets?
Flower House has its own workshop located in Hollywood. We start creating a fresh premium-quality bouquet after you place an order. It usually takes 2-4 hours to complete the composition and deliver it to a destination. However, we recommend placing an order in advance to ensure prompt delivery despite the location.
Can I order a vase for a bouquet?
You certainly can! All customers can order roses in vases with just one click when adding your flowers in a cart.
Can I send regards or congratulations together with the bouquet?
We can also add card message to make your present even more romantic and intriguing. Simply add text when finishing your order on a Delivery Details page. The rest is our responsibility.