A rose is the queen of all flowers. It deserves the best attitude. You need to treat it as gently as possible to let it bloom. You are very unlikely to face any difficulties when taking care of our roses. However, we recommend considering some useful tips on making your bouquet look fresh and bright for as long as possible:

  1. Make sure you have the vase prepared in advance. Poor 3/4 clean water into it mixed with food you will find with a bouquet.
  2. It is high time you removed the package from the bouquet.
  3. Use clippers to cut the stems. Make sure you cut them at an angle. As soon as you are done with this stage, put your roses in the vase at once.
  4. If you want your roses to stay fresh for a long time, you should repeat the actions number 2 and 3 several times a week.
  5. Feel free to contact our specialists in case you need some professional assistance or advice.